1 handed wand and shield, meant for healer classes.

Infused with the universal energies of the cosmos, sorcerers that prefer to hold the fate of the world in one hand choose the wand. By selecting the wand, a sorcerer is also able to use a shield, providing a means to protect them during battle while still enabling the conjuration of devastating spells that fall like brimstone from the primordial fires of creation.

Whether following an advance of forces, or roaming alone across vast lands, shamans that prefer the lightness of a wooden touch choose the wand. By choosing the wand, a shaman is able to benefit from the added defense of a shield, furthering their ability to protect those around them as well as themselves – becoming a beacon of sustainable hope on the battlefield.


Level Source
Wand 1 Magic EyesWizard's Eye 30 {{{Source}}}
Wand 3 Key of The NatureRuby Staff 30 Crafted by shamans and sorcerers
Wand 2 Keen Insight WandJaden Wand 30 Crafted
Wand 2 Jade OrbJade Orb 33 {{{Source}}}
Wand 9 Red Crystal Magic WandStary Wand 35 {{{Source}}}
Wand 6 Ceremonial WandCeremonial Wand 35 Crafted by Shamans
Wand 7 Wand of Ancient MagicImmemorial Wand 35 Crafted By Shamans and Sorcerers
Wand 9 Shining Star LightShining Star Light 38 {{{Source}}}
Wand 4 Bloody Red AdjudicatorJudge Red 40 Crafted
Wand 2 Ruthless FireForest Fire 40 {{{Source}}}
Wand 3 Magic Staff of JudgmentMagic Staff of Judgement 40 {{{Source}}}
Wand 7 Spirit Gathering WandSpirit Gatherer 43 {{{Source}}}
Wand 8 Abyss of ReincarnationReincarnate Bell 45 {{{Source}}}
Wand 10 Goddess's WrathEye of Shaman 45 {{{Source}}}
Wand 5 The Fallen Dark Night StaffYin Yang Staff 45 {{{Source}}}
Wand 11 Crystal Stone WandCrystal Stone Wand 48 {{{Source}}}
Wand 12 Shadow of PixieShadow of Pixie 50 {{{Source}}}
Wand 11 Demon's HowlDemon's Howl 50 {{{Source}}}
Wand 13 Guard of SpiritGuard of Spirit 50 {{{Source}}}
Wand 12 Glory of SageGlory of Sage 50 {{{Source}}}
Wand 11 Sun Magic WandSun Magic Wand 50 {{{Source}}}
Wand 12 Lighting StaffLighting Staff 50 {{{Source}}}
Wand 13 Wand of EternityWand of Eternity 50 {{{Source}}}
Wand 13 Universe - BoundlessUniverse - Boundless 50 {{{Source}}}
Wand 1 Blessing WandBlessings Wand 53 {{{Source}}}
Wand 15 Enlightenment InvocationEnlightenment Invocation 55 {{{Source}}}
Wand 14 Scarlet BellScarlet Bell 55 {{{Source}}}
Wand 16 Thunder of NetherworldThunder of Netherworld 55 {{{Source}}}
Wand 15 Serenity Dawning StaffSerenity Dawning Staff 55 {{{Source}}}
Wand 14 Eye of SanctityEye of Sanctity 55 {{{Source}}}
Wand 15 Sacred WandSacred Wand 55 {{{Source}}}
Wand 16 Sacred ArbitratorSacred Arbitrator 55 {{{Source}}}
Wand 14 Phoenix Flame StaffPhoenix Flame Staff 55 {{{Source}}}
Wand 14 Dragon Claw WandDragon Claw Wand 58 {{{Source}}}
Wand 19 Soul of Dragon PowerSoul of Dragon Power 60 {{{Source}}}
Wand 18 Dragon Roar ExplosionDragon Roar Explosion 60 {{{Source}}}
Wand 17 Evil HolderEvil Holder 60 {{{Source}}}
Wand 17 Roar of DragonRoar of Dragon 60 {{{Source}}}
Wand 18 Judgment of NarlJudgement of Narl 60 {{{Source}}}
Wand 19 Anger of White DragonAnger of White Dragon 60 {{{Source}}}
Wand 18 Wand of StarsStaff of Stars 60 {{{Source}}}
Wand 17 Wand of Silent MoonStaff of Silent Moon 60 {{{Source}}}



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