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Skill 413 Undying Ninja
Tier: 10 Learned Level 42
Type: passive MP: No mp consumption

Each attack has a 10% chance of casting a Lv. 1 Ninja Slash.

Skill LevelsEdit

1 42 Each attack has a 10% chance of casting a Lv. 1 Ninja Slash. 1 Gold 38 Silver 21 Copper
2 46 Each attack has a 12% chance of casting a Lv. 2 Ninja Slash. 2 Gold 60 Silver 97 Copper
3 50 Each attack has a 14% chance of casting a Lv. 3 Ninja Slash. 3 Gold 93 Silver 50 Copper
4 54 Each attack has a 16% chance of casting a Lv. 4 Ninja Slash. 4 Gold 95 Silver 77 Copper
5 58 Each attack has a 18% chance of casting a Lv. 5 Ninja Slash. 6 Gold 12 Silver 60 Copper

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