Level   57
Hp   126,718
Exp   2,972 xp
Type   Elite
Behavior   Aggressive
Area   Red Lotus Region
Star   ☆

Drop ListEdit


Red Lotus Region Monsters
Rare Big Earth Spirit
Elite Fire Plume KingShiny LongicornSneaker TerayaLanglangYaruikeSlaughter KawooTuyaUlucha WuluchaDemon Horn NeetuRaging BeastDemonic GuardianGeneral RageGeneral Cut OffDulershGeneral BashBad Sleek FishLegion ChiefHaneeAfaliterWrecker JaroGuisterSoyaLequnHeaven LandfishGiant Bear
General Fire Plume BirdRock Sleek FishBronze CrabBright BeetleRockhorn CrabHuggy FishVolcano SpiderRed BeetleFire ChimeraFirelight BallGloomy BallBattle MageSneakerMutant SoldierGrand MageViolent Soldier

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