Mineral 5


Drop Quest Box
Prestige Buy Production

Can be used to recast Lv. 30 weapons.

A tungsten block with burning flame patterns after being refined. It isso rigid that it can be used to forge weapons.

Monsters, Level Range and Drop RateEdit

Ancient Sand Sea
Mob Level Drop Rate [%]
Sage the Melder 26 5.50
Kaka 26 5.50
Saya 26 5.50
Akagawa 28 5.50
Noble 28 3.00
The Barrenlands
Mob Level Drop Rate [%]
Oil Baron Aode 29 5.50
Hulu the Destroyer 29 5.50
Oil well Imp 29 3.00
Spined Jelly 29 6.00


Unknown Metal Mine · Gray Iron · Copper · Black Tungsten
White Aluminum · Refined Metal · Bronze · Tungsten · Scale Aluminum
Chi Golden · Scorching Iron · Cloudy Copper · Texture Aluminum
Great Tungsten · Coldness Gold · Coldness Silver · Tornado Iron
LionFir Cooper · Phoenix Aluminum · Dragon Tungsten · Snowflake Sliver

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