Snowgust City is a beautiful palace made of ice and snow where Asuran, the lord of the Lunar Fox Tribes, lives. Awful changes occurred due to the repeated attacks of the Northern Alliances. Asuran and all his subjects suffered and were gradually turned into furious and wild enchanted creatures.

Since then, the cursed people have conveyed their sad, sorrowful whispers to every corner of the City, telling their tragedies.

Outside the City came a pretty but indifferent girl. She wanted to take her revenge on lord£®Asuran whose monstrous crimes were a result of an evil curse placed on him many years before

The Weeping Spirit is a 5 person instance.


Icon GD ST Lvl HP Star Type Behavior
Icon 025 BodyguardBodyguard 53 140,352 ☆☆☆ Instance Monster Other
Icon 007 Devilflower MageMage 54 144,742 ☆☆☆ Instance Monster Other
Icon 061 Temptate WizardTemptate Wizard 55 238,734 ☆☆ Instance Elite Other
Icon 045 LuoergeLuoerge 55 2,387,344 ☆☆ Instance Boss Other
Icon 034 Snow GuardianSnow Guardian 56 246,016 ☆☆ Instance Elite Other
Icon 061 AyoubuAyoubu 56 2,460,162 ☆☆ Instance Boss Other
Icon 033 Forgetful SpiritForgetful Spirit 57 633,582 ☆☆☆ Instance Elite Other
Icon 035 TabokeTaboke 57 2,534,332 ☆☆ Instance Boss Other
Icon 046 Ferocious BeastsFerocious Beasts 58 652,470 ☆☆☆ Instance Elite Other
Icon 075 AttierAttier 58 2,609,874 ☆☆ Instance Boss Other
Icon 027 AsuranAsuran 58 2,609,874 ☆☆ Instance Boss Other


Glade of Sproutax · Smoke Forest · Running Sand Garden · Sand Spirit Grounds ·

Assembly Grounds · Spirit Pagoda · Dancing White Beasts Den ·
Spirit of the Snow Crystal · The Fall of Heroes · City of Crime Fire · Hall of Scholars · Misty Sage Home · The Weeping Spirit · Cave of the Flame Demon

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