As the sentinels of the snow covered lands, assassins that prefer the power and force of a cold, solid blade always select the forge-wrought iron of the sword. By choosing the sword, the assassin gets the added benefit of the shield, surviving the toughest of battles where others may fall.

Observed on the front lines of combat, or protecting the sanctity of their realms, fighters that prefer the touch of a cold, hardened blade always select the noblest of weapons, the sword. By choosing the sword, a fighter appropriates the added benefit of a shield, strengthening their defenses and bringing that added touch of chivalry to the chaos of war.


Level Source
Sword 1 Guarding Long SwordGuardian Long Sword 30
Sword 6 Justice SlashSword of Justice 30
Sword 4 Sword of SoldierSoldier's Sword 30
Sword 2 Blue Sharp SwordGreen Sword 33
Sword 2 Evil Tooth BayonetToothy Short Blade 35
Sword 8 Bloody Thorny SwordStone Age Sword 35
Sword 3 Spine of the Bloody WarriorSpiney Bloodsword 35
Sword 12 Plume KnifePlume Sword 38
Sword 10 The Punishment of HeroesHero Punisher 40
Sword 7 Bloody BattleswordAzurian Battlesword 40
Sword 5 Cruelty Bone SawerJeweled Cutlass 40
Sword 6 Ancient Battle SwordAncient Battle Sword 43
Sword 3 Dueling GlaiveDuel Master 45
Sword 2 Tears of GoddessHoly Tears 45
Sword 9 Rainbow Glaze MacheteJade Machete 45
Sword 11 Crystal Feather KnifeCrystal Feather Sword 48
Sword 12 Sparkling SwordSparkling Sword 50
Sword 13 Green Icy SwordGreen Icy Sword 50
Sword 11 Spectral SwordSpectral Sword 50
Sword 11 Knight's LeopardArchangel's Wing 50
Sword 4 Desert MacheteDesert Machete 50
Sword 5 Mirages BladeMirages Blades 50
Sword 12 Scorching Sun Sword of Cutting SteelScorching Sun Sword of Cutting Steel 50
Sword 13 Nightfall Expeditionary ForceNightfall Wing 50
Sword 1 Saw SwordSaw Sword 53
Sword 16 Shining HardnessShining Hardness 55
Sword 15 Skybreak SickleSkybreak Sickle 55
Sword 14 Goddess StrikeGoddess Strike 55
Sword 14 Obsidian Burn SwordObsidian Burn Sword 55
Sword 16 Wind Guardian SwordWind Guardian Sword 55
Sword 14 Vulture Claw of LeaderVulture Claws of Leader 55
Sword 15 VacuousVacuous 55
Sword 16 Inquisitor of Freezing FrostInquisitor of Freezing Frost 55
Sword 14 Dragon Horn Double BladeDragon Horn Sword 58
Sword 17 Dragon Cry SwordDragon Cry Sword 60
Sword 19 Sword DanceSword Dance 60
Sword 18 Dragon Slayer SwordDragon Slayer Sword 60
Sword 18 Dragon Lord's Flaming SwordDragon Lord's Flaming Sword 60
Sword 17 Dragoncave SwordDragoncave Sword 60
Sword 19 Sacred SwordSacred Sword 60
Sword 19 Sword of Eagle SunupSword of Eagle Sunup 60
Sword 17 Red Sword of Moon NightRed Sword of Moon Night 60



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