This article is about the level 23 Warhammer. For the level 8 Warhammer, see Stone Warhammer.

Warhammer 4
Stone Warhammer (Lvl. 23)


Drop Quest Box
Prestige Buy Production

Attack Speed Slow
Lv. Req. 23

ATK +727

Enhance +5: Increases Strength by 11 points.
Enhance +8: Increases the damage dealt by your Critical Hit by 5%.
Enhance +10: Increases HP Max. by 131 points. While attacking a target. Has a 2% chance of stunning the target. Lasts 3 seconds. Stuns the target when active. Lasts 3 seconds.


Stone Warhammer · Blade Warhammer · Spilling Warhammer · Stone Warhammer
Ceremonial Warhammer · Crystal Hammer · Star Warhammer · Red Tower Hammer
Nightmare Beast Hammer · Giant Axe Hammer · Evil Beast Hammer

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