Staffs, Meant for DPS/Magic Crit oriented Classes rather than healers.

Ingrained with the supreme power of creation, sorcerers that prefer to rely solely on the energies at the heart of the cosmos choose the staff. Imbued with an otherworldly and endless force, a staff-bearing sorcerer embodies the brilliance and origin of all things, breathing both life and death into the fabric of chaos.

Imbued with the true omnipotence of nature, shamans that prefer to rely solely on the unseen powers choose the staff. Alight with the brilliance and radiance of a ceaseless energy, a staff-bearing shaman boasts the enduring power of the sylvan grove, bringing the voice of verdant majesty to the seeds of destruction and chaos.


Level Source
Staff 1 Noviciate's Wood WandTrainee's Wood Wand 1
Staff 1 Crude Wood WandCrude Wood Wand 1
Staff 1 Black Wood ScepterBlack Wood Scepter 3
Staff 14 Vine WandVine Wand 5
Staff 2 Newbie WandNewbie Wand 5
Staff 5 Butterfly Lord WandButterfly Lord Wand 8
Staff 2 Purple WandPurple Wand 10
Staff 2 Green Vine WandRosey Wand 10 Crafted
Staff 8 Gorgeous StaffGorgeous Staff 13
Staff 4 Blue Butterfly WandButterfly Wand 15
Staff 4 Green Pin WandButterfly Wand 15 Crafted
Staff 9 Green Silk WandSilky Green Wand 15 Crafted
Staff 2 Deep Sigh Soul WandLonging Spirit Wand 18
Staff 5 Sly Forest WandSly Forest Wand 20
Staff 6 Wither WoodWitherwood Wand 20
Staff 12 Prophecy Magic WandProphecy Wand 20 Crafted
Staff 3 Linden WandBodhi Wand 20 Crafted
Staff 4 Phased Magic WandPhase Magic Wand 23
Staff 11 Golden Sand WandGolden Sand Wand 25
Staff 14 Dream Guarder WandDream Guardian 25 Crafted
Staff 15 Red Light WandRed Light Wand 25 Crafted
Staff 4 Dazzling ButterflyDazzling Butterfly 25
Staff 9 Dean StaffDean Staff 28
Staff 10 Gorgeous Temple WandTemple Wand 30
Staff 8 Sigil Crystals WandSigil Staff 30 Crafted
Staff 4 Heart of The OceanSea of Fire 30
Staff 7 Merman WandMermaid's Wand 30 Crafted
Staff 12 Cursed Wood WandCursed Wood Wand 33
Staff 16 Magic Crystal StaffCrystal Staff 35 Crafted
Staff 5 Help of TemplarTemplar's Grace 35
Staff 14 Seven Star Magic WandSeven Star Staff 35 Crafted
Staff 18 Holy Cloud WandHoly Cloud Wand 38
Staff 11 CeremonySacrificial Staff 40 Crafted
Staff 10 Moonlight StaffMoonlight Staff 40
Staff 6 Quiet NightNight Staff 40
Staff 13 Witchcraft WandWitchcraft Wand 43
Staff 15 Bloody Beast StaffBloodbeast Staff 45
Staff 9 CorroderCorruption Staff 45
Staff 4 Claw of Strange LandOutlander 45
Staff 17 Sun Rising WandRising Sun Wand 48
Staff 18 Ancient DreamAncient Dream 50
Staff 20 Bow WishBow Wish 50
Staff 21 Boundless ImaginationBoundless Imagination 50
Staff 20 Spirit of Holy HeartSpirit of Holy Heart 50
Staff 21 White Dragon StaffWhite Dragon Staff 50
Staff 18 Light Staff - GloryRight Staff - Glory 50
Staff 18 Whisker of SproutaxWhisker of Sproutax 50
Staff 15 Flame of PheonixFlame of Pheonix 50
Staff 15 Evil Suppression WandDemon Hunter Wand 53
Staff 19 Heart of Sacred WingsHeart of Sacre Wings 55
Staff 17 Mystic BombardMystic Bombard 55
Staff 22 Guilty Soul of EvilGuilty Soul of Evil 55
Staff 19 Wing StaffWing Staff 55
Staff 22 Holy MarkHoly Mark 55
Staff 19 Soul Appeasing WandSoul Appeasing Wand 55
Staff 22 Rareshinning Ruled TokenRareshinning Ruled Token 55
Staff 17 Monster of SuzerainMonster of Suzerain 55
Staff 21 Evil Spirit StaffEvil Spirit Staff 58
Staff 25 Dragon SoulDragon Soul 60
Staff 24 Soul of Crystal DragonSoul of Crystal Dragon 60
Staff 23 Mighty of DragonMighty of Dragon 60
Staff 23 Staff of Dragon Soul Bone CorrodingWand of Dragon Soul Bone Corroding 60
Staff 24 Thunder's PowerThunder and Lightning 60
Staff 25 Fire King's HowlingFire King's Howling 60
Staff 25 Mystery Tooth of Evil DragonMystery Tooth of Evil Dragon 60
Staff 24 Heretic - BoundHeretic - Bound 60



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