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A spring woodland, Spring Valley is laden with cherry blossoms. This is where the Spirit Hare Tribes live in their natural habitat. For quite a long time, a harmonious and easy life has existed here.

Some Spirit Hare hunters trap Monsters here and tame them. Some skillful hunters become trainers and help new learners quickly enter the world of pets.

The water source of Spring Valley comes from the White Jade Spring to the northwest. However, something unusual has happened down stream in the Spring Glade Altar. The Priests are urgently discussing what to do about it.


  • Spring Sun Village
  • White Jade Spring
  • Poisonshroom Forest
  • Giant Bug Nest
  • Springwood Grove


Autumnal Grove · Jade Forest · Spring Valley · Frost Forest · Ancient Desert
Barrenlands · Sandy Valley · Wind Chime Ridge · Holy Kirin Lake · Sunset Ridge
Ice Crystal Snowfield · Bluemoon Forest · Silver Blood Loch · Skyfire Volcano
Red Lotus Region · Danxia Woods

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