Located in Mountain Kingdom, it is an Ancient Ruins on Holy Kirin Lake. It's said that a mysterious power is buried in the tower. The Lizard Tribes invading Mountain Kingdom seems to be actively looking for the entrance to the Ruins.

However, nobody actually knows what power is buried there. Seen from the Spirit Aura contained in the Ruins, it appears to be associated with the survival of all creatures in Holy Kirin Lake.

Recently the guard watching the Ruins said that the Seal in the tower was destroyed by a mysterious Man in Black. This caused the Spirit Aura to dissipate. Many Monsters entrenched themselves inside the tower to absorb the Spirit Aura. The guard believes this is a serious problem and hopes that a brave soul can help address the crisis in the Ruins.

Spirit Pagoda is a 3 person instance.


Icon GD ST Lvl HP Star Type Behavior
Icon 072 Corrupt GooCorrupt Goo 40 36,048 ☆☆ Instance Monster Other
Icon 020 Ruin CrabRuin Crab 41 74,856 Instance Elite Other
Icon 020 Ruin CrabRuin Crab 41 74,856 Instance Elite Other
Icon 065 Bomb BugBomb Bug 41 23,392 ☆☆ Instance Monster Other
Icon 034 Masked ElementMasked Element 42 77,664 Instance Elite Other
Icon 021 TomTom 43 603,948 Instance Boss Other
Icon 021 Hard JellyHard Jelly Fish 44 166,888 ☆☆ Instance Elite Aggressive
Icon 074 KemajiKemaji 44 625,828 Instance Boss Other


Glade of Sproutax · Smoke Forest · Running Sand Garden · Sand Spirit Grounds ·

Assembly Grounds · Spirit Pagoda · Dancing White Beasts Den ·
Spirit of the Snow Crystal · The Fall of Heroes · City of Crime Fire · Hall of Scholars · Misty Sage Home · The Weeping Spirit · Cave of the Flame Demon

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