Fur 12
Soft Leather


Drop Quest Box
Prestige Buy Production

Can be used to recast Lv. 40 weapons.

Very soft fur. It is always used to make various high-class winterclothes.


Hard Animal Scale · Variated Pelt · Sharp Animal Fur · Whole Animal Skin
Smooth Animal Skin · Thin Feathers · Heavy Leather Armor · Short Fat Tail
Sharp Tooth of Beast ·Soft Leather · Ghost Fragments · Sharp Scale
Beast Fragments · Colorful Leather · Thick Claw of Monster · Smooth Leather
Crystal Hard Leather · Shining Fin · Demon Powder · Thorn of Heard Leather
Hot Blood Clot · Alloy Beast Horn · Glimmer Lightleather · Fur of The Abyss
Scale Leather · Colorful Skin · Ash of Flame · Powder of Moma

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