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Skyflare Scorpion
Icon 036
Type Attack
Attack Shadow Attacks
Wind 12% Fire 45% Lightning 25% Ice 8% Shadow 60%

Battle SkillsEdit

Skill Name
Skill 205 Shadow Shot
Deals Shadow Damage on and add lots of threat to the target.
Skill 140 Warhorse
Pet's natural gift. Increases Aggression by 30%
Skill 207 Ghostly Invasion
Deals Shadow Damage on the target and cause additional damage each second. Lasts 6 seconds.

Merge SkillsEdit

Skill Name
Skill 083 Brute Strength
After you combine with your pet your Attack will be increased by 5%.
Skill 071 Ample Acurracy
After you combine with your pet your Hit will be increased by 10%.
Skill 110 Loyal Fury
After you combine with your pet your Critical Hit Damage will be increased by 10%.

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