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The Tribe of the Maned Dragon live their lives under constant threat from bursting lava and volcano. They call the local volcano Skyfire Volcano, where Alchemists regularly offer sacrifices and pray for continued stability.

The Northern Alliances have plundered most of the young and middle aged people from this area, and sent them to Crystal Mine to the west as labourers. Many families have been broken and the remaining elderly, infirm, women and children struggle to maintain their living standards.

Threatened by swamp malaria, Dualflame Village is still in the shadow of death despite support from Glorious Shield. The only Alchemist Thylersho, who knows how to alleviate malaria, was also captured by the Northern Alliances, sparking this crisis.


  • Dualflame Village
  • Shadow Depth Swamp
  • Heavenly Flame Cave


Autumnal Grove · Jade Forest · Spring Valley · Frost Forest · Ancient Desert
Barrenlands · Sandy Valley · Wind Chime Ridge · Holy Kirin Lake · Sunset Ridge
Ice Crystal Snowfield · Bluemoon Forest · Silver Blood Loch · Skyfire Volcano
Red Lotus Region · Danxia Woods

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