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A weapon used by Warriors and Berserker.

As the vanguard of promise upon the sweltering battlefield, warriors that choose to devastate the enemies that surround them choose the length and breadth of the polearm, symbolizing the entirety of a nation in every strike. In order to spread honor once more across the land, the giant reach of the polearm-wielding warrior remains steadfast as it falls heavily upon the tear-laden ground.


Level Source
Polearm 1 Impasse SlayerImpassable Slayer 30
Polearm 5 Violent Battle BladeCrazed Battle Blade 30
Polearm 9 Long HalberdLong Halberd 30
Polearm 2 HalberdHalberd 33
Polearm 2 Heroic WaveHeroic Polearm 35
Polearm 8 Tooth of Fury MoonLunar Fury 35
Polearm 6 Shooter of Giant FoxFox Blade 35
Polearm 6 White Mist BrushhookMisty Brushhook 38
Polearm 10 Red Kirin Steel GlaiveRed Kirin Blade 40
Polearm 7 Coldblood ExecutionerExecutioner 40
Polearm 4 Glaive of DragonDragon Polearm 40
Polearm 3 Refined Copper HalberdCopper Halberd 43
Polearm 6 MassacreButchers Blade 45
Polearm 5 Grey Wolf BladeGrey Wolf Polearm 45
Polearm 9 Purplestar Crescent GlaivePurplestar Blade 45
Polearm 1 Sigil KnifeSigil Blade 48
Polearm 10 Skybreak SpearSkybreak Spear 50
Polearm 7 Romantic-CharacterRomantic-Character 50
Polearm 4 Celestial StrikeCelestial Strike 50
Polearm 7 Sky Crush Spear - Freezing IceSky Crush Spear - Freezing Ice 50
Polearm 10 Icy SpearsIcey Axe 50
Polearm 11 Halberd of Stone BeastHalberd of Stonebeast 50
Polearm 4 Abyss Icy ToothAbyss Icy Tooth 50
Polearm 8 Reviving SpearReviving Spear 50
Polearm 8 Armor Crash AxeArmor Breaking Axe 53
Polearm 13 Demonic BloodDemonic Blood 55
Polearm 14 Azure OrbitAzure Orbit 55
Polearm 12 Rain of PurgatoryRain of Purgatory 55
Polearm 14 Windroll Axe - UniverseWindroll Axe - Universe 55
Polearm 12 Beheading PriestsBeheading Priests 55
Polearm 12 Silver Rage SpearSilver Rage Spear 55
Polearm 14 Cursed Rage SpearCursed Rage Spear 55
Polearm 13 Sky Splitting AxeSky Splitting Axe 55
Polearm 12 Royal BrushhookRoyal Brushhook 58
Polearm 17 Dragonlord SwordDragonlord Sword 60
Polearm 15 Magic Dragon PiercingMagic Dragon Piercing 60
Polearm 16 Thorn of DragonThorn of Dragon 60
Polearm 16 Darkness EvilDrakness Evil 60
Polearm 15 Demon SpearDemon Spear 60
Polearm 17 Bloody SlayerBloody Slayer 60
Polearm 16 Spear of Bloody ScarSpear of Bloody Scar 60
Polearm 15 KillerKiller 60



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