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Skill 019 Persistence
Tier: 5 Learned Level 21
Type: Passive MP: No mp consumption
Requires Skill 018 Doggedness 5 points

(Advanced) Increases max HP by 424 points and Defense by 170 points.

Skill LevelsEdit

1 21 (Advanced) Increases max HP by 424 points and Defense by 170 points. 9 Silver 69 Copper
2 25 (Advanced) Increases max HP by 524 points and Defense by 208 points. 15 Silver 79 Copper
3 29 (Advanced) Increases max HP by 628 points and Defense by 250 points. 30 Silver 44 Copper
4 33 (Advanced) Increases max HP by 736 points and Defense by 294 points. 56 Silver 62 Copper
5 37 (Advanced) Increases max HP by 848 points and Defense by 340 points. 96 Silver 40 Copper

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