Montain Imp
Icon 062
Type General
Attack Wind Attacks
Wind 67% Fire 12% Lightning 21% Ice 22% Shadow 28%

Battle SkillsEdit

Skill Name
Skill 004 Windblade Attack
Deals Wind Damage on and add lots of threat to the target.
Skill 123 Acceleration
Pet's natural gift. Increases Evasion Value by 10%
Skill 234 Windblast
Deals Wind Damage on the target and decreases the target's Hit by 20%. Lasts 6 seconds.

Merge SkillsEdit

Skill Name
Skill 081 Hunting Steps
After you combine with your pet your Running Speed will be increased by 5%.
Skill 111 Pure Genius
After you combine with your pet your Wisdom Bonus will be increased by5%.
Skill 071 Ample Acurracy
After you combine with your pet your Hit will be increased by 10%.

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