Skill 304 Meditation
Tier: 1 Learned Level 1
Type: Passive MP: No mp consumption

Increases max HP by66points and Healing by13points.

Skill LevelsEdit

1 1 Increases max HP by 19 points and Healing by 6 points.          6 Copper
2 5 Increases max HP by 66 points and Healing by 13 points.          11 Copper
3 9 Increases max HP by 90 points and Healing by 21 points.          65 Copper
4 13 Increases max HP by 135 points and Healing by 28 points. 2 Silver 18 Copper
5 17 Increases max HP by 184 points and Healing by 34 points. 5 Silver 37 Copper

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