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Lv. 32 Necessary Repairs

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Necessary Repairs
Area Barrenlands


  • Defeat Robed Demon and obtain 7 Demon Soul
  • Defeat Roaming Demon and obtain 7 Evil Soul
  • Defeat Treasure Chest and obtain 12 Broken Stones from the Ruins
Report To Hasala
Level 32
Exp 17102xp
Money 11 Silver 34 Copper
  • 3x Weapon Reinforcing Hammer: Lv. B, 3 Star
  • 5x Armor Reinforcing Hammer: Lv. B, 3 Star

Please note that the Broken Stones from the Ruins that can repair Seal Stele Stones are hidden in a broken chest amongst the relics.


Barrenlands Quests
Level 29 Hulan's Treasure · Weird Oilfield (Daily) · The Search of Amor · Persuading Amor · Hidden Away (Daily) · Fix-it-Man (Daily) · A Vile Occupation (Daily)
Level 30 Challenge! Hammerclaw (Daily) · Report to Your Superiors · Paula's Plea · Amor, Killed? · Looking for the Next Clue · Paula's Apology (Daily) · Contaminated Monsters (Daily) · Pursuit of the Monsters (Daily) · Weapon Maniacs (Daily)
Level 31 The Dastardly Plot of the Bug Tribe · An Undercover Bug · Prerequisites of a Plan · Stuck Knee (Daily) · Glaring Pearl (Daily) · Breakthrough Enemy Camp · The Element of Danger (Daily) · Sabotage the Oil Tanks (Daily)
Level 32 Where's Amor? · The Encouragement of Resolute Wives · Silent Monuments of the Past · Put the Undead to Bed · The Thirsty Man in Black · Necessary Repairs · Activating the Seal
Level 33 Next Stop: Sand Kingdom
Level 35 Careless Actions

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