Scouting Traveler's Oasis
Area Ancient Desert


  • Step in Traveler's Oasis Southern Patrol at (X: 488, Y: 128)
  • Step in Traveler's Oasis Middle Patrol at (X: 496, Y: 227)
  • Step in Traveler's Oasis Northern Patrol at (X: 506, Y: 333)
Report To Erlah
Level 26
Exp 9817xp
Money 7 Silver 70 Copper
  • 15 Medium HP Potion
  • 15 Medium MP Potion

Patrol three sites located in the north, center and south of Traveler's Oasis and learn about resource distribution in the oasis.


Ancient Desert Quests
Level 25 Challenge! Boulder Flower (Daily) · Observation Diary of Plants (Daily) · The Whereabouts of Shirigan · Helping Shirigan · Finding the Missing Missives · The Cure to Sunstroke · A Treasured Friendship · True Friendship is Priceless · The Botanist's Mistake · Filling in Mistakes
Level 26 Rescuing Erlah · Scouting Traveler's Oasis · Nature's Bounty at the Oasis · Reclaiming Stolen Supplies · Premium Fur Clothing · Matters of Equivalent Exchange · Don't Disrupt my Business · Bug Damages
Level 27 Sincere Invite (Daily) · Leading the Trend (Daily) · The Price of Scroll · The Secret of the Bug Tribe Scroll · The Truth about Ancient Tombs Ruins · Dash Those Golems to Pieces · The Safety of the Camp · Ingredients of a Perfume
Level 28 Shattering the Source · Infiltrating a Hive of Bugs · The First Surprise Attack · Fan the Fires of Battle · Creepy Silhouttes · The Destroyer of Historical Sites · Deter the Bug Tribe
Level 29 Collapse of the Oil Fields · Destroy Enemy Ambition · Search for the Legendary Garden
Level 30 Running Sand Garden

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