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Lv. 16 The Roots of Problem

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The Roots of Problem
Area Spring Valley


  • Defeat Mossy Elemental and obtain 4 Horn of Rock Evil
  • Defeat Bone Grub and obtain 4 Poisonous Tentacles
Report To Bayer
Level 16
Exp 2384xp
Money 2 Silver 44 Copper
  • Cracked Ruby
  • Cracked Tiger's Eye
  • Cracked Obsidian
  • Cracked Sapphire
  • Cracked Diamond

Get the horns of Mossy Elemental and moustache from the head of Melted Bone Maggot, then help Bayer figure out how to recover Rockdevil's wills.


Spring Valley Quests
Level 15 Pet Preparations · Setting a Trap · Challenge! Demonstone Elder (Daily) · Weeding the Mushroom Garden · Dosing the Mushrooms
Level 16 Go Catch 'em...All! · The Threat to Spring Glade Altar · The Roots of Problem · The Many Uses of Vine · Delicacies! (Daily) · Tools of the Trade
Level 17

Saving Altar · Purify the Rockdevil Leader · The Purification Continues · Squash the King of Bugs! · The Important thing is "fresh" (Daily)

Level 18 The Devilflower Plot · Invasion of the Devilflowers · Driving Away Invaders · Attacking Enemy Camp · How Demoralizing · Wash 'em Out · New Recipe (Daily) · Leafy Mandrake · A Stronger Medicine · Antidotal Ginseng (Daily)
Level 19 The Pollution Source · Containing the Pollution · Plague Containment · Those Pollution Makers · Controlling the Spread · Eradicate the Source · Medical Research · The Request of a Man in Black
Level 20 Our Best Wishes · The Evil Seal · Next Stop: Frost Forest · A Promise to Roam the World

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