Polluted Shores
Area Jade Forest


  • Defeat 10 Sand Jelly
  • Defeat 10 Spiral Crab
Report To GS War Hero Amur
Level 13
Exp 1649xp
Money 1 Silver 76 Copper
  • 3x Weapon Reinforcement Hammer: Lv. B, 1 Star
  • 5x Armor Reinforcement Hammer: Lv. B, 1 Star

The enemy planned to trick the coastal creatures into attacking us. Sadi has asked you to first defeat those coastal creatures and then support Amur.


Jade Forest Quests
Level 9 The Officials of the Glorious Shield · Assignment from the Medic Corps ·
Protect the Supply Line · Squishing Poisonous Spiders ·
The Antidote Recipe
Level 10 Stem the Poisonous Tide · Hidden Strength Revealed ·
Restoring Summer Glade Altar · Take Back the Summer Glade Gem ·
Tapping into Slumbering Power · Ceremony Preparations ·
Stabilizing the Altar · Awakened Power · The Great Boar Cull ·
The Field Office · Challenge! Red Crested Black Boar (Daily)
Level 11 The First Strike · Outpost Raid · Disarm Those Bugs
Level 12 Attack! Foil Enemy Plans · Clearing out the Nest!
Level 13 Polluted Shores · Dangerous Delicacies · The Fishersman's Peril
Level 14 A Cureall for Poisonous Jelly · Exterminate Bug Tribe Commander ·
Gourmet Seafood
Level 15 Next Stop: Spring Valley

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