Intercept the Enemy Missive
Area Autumnal Grove


  • Defeat Sneaker and obtain Secret Letter of Northern Alliance
Report To GS War Hero Sood
Level 8
Exp 598xp
Money          74 Copper
  • Newbie Gloves
  • Newbie Double Blades
  • Newbie Wand
  • Newbie Long Bow
  • Newbie Warhammer

Re-attack the enemy camp, and find the Secret Letter of the enemy troops from the Frontline Sneakers. If you don't succeed first time, try again!


Autumnal Grove Quests
Level 1 The First Steps · The Support of the Villagers · Rescuing Jahil
Level 2 The Mushroom Peril · Research Help
Level 3 Transformed Blooms
Level 4 Check on Robu · Petal Antidote
Level 5 Helping a Hand to Priestess Bayer
Level 6 Demonstone Shards · King Flower Sap
Level 7 "The Glorious Shield" · Join the Glorious Shield
Level 8 Prove Yourself! · Intercept the Enemy Missive · Next Stop: Jade Forest

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