The Mushroom Peril
Area Autumnal Grove


  • Defeat 8 Jumping Mushroom
Report To Ayseri
Level 2
Exp 86xp
Money          20 Copper
  • 15x Mini HP Potions
  • 15x Mini MP Potion

Jahil asked you to go to the eastern Path of the Toadstool Corridor, help resist the invasion of mushrooms and continue to consult with priest Ayseri on current conditions.


Autumnal Grove Quests
Level 1 The First Steps · The Support of the Villagers · Rescuing Jahil
Level 2 The Mushroom Peril · Research Help
Level 3 Transformed Blooms
Level 4 Check on Robu · Petal Antidote
Level 5 Helping a Hand to Priestess Bayer
Level 6 Demonstone Shards · King Flower Sap
Level 7 "The Glorious Shield" · Join the Glorious Shield
Level 8 Prove Yourself! · Intercept the Enemy Missive · Next Stop: Jade Forest

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