Quenched in the cold climate of the Snow Kingdom, assassins that choose the katana wield the opulent power and radiance of the moon. Like lightning that follows the darkness and thunder, the katana-wielding assassin strikes with incomparable speed, leaving an opponent quivering in the throes of death.

Forged from the flame of master blacksmiths, fighters that choose the elegance of the katana wield the rush and strength of the wind. When life or death is only a matter of moments, the speed of a katana-bearing fighter is a true force to be reckoned with.


Level Source
Katana 1 Darkness SmokeDrakness Smoke 50
Katana 7 Purplebow UpstreamPurplebow Upstream 50
Katana 3 Blue HuntingBlue Hunting 50
Katana 7 Dragon KissDragon Kiss 50
Katana 7 Darkthunder HitDarkthunder Hit 50
Katana 2 Full Potential BladeFull Potential Blades 50
Katana 3 Combo StrikeCombo Strike 50
Katana 1 Evil Blade - Village RainEvil Blades - Village Rain 50
Katana 2 Behead BladeBeheading Blade 53
Katana 6 Sinful KingSinful King 55
Katana 5 Cracked BerserkerCracked Berserker 55
Katana 4 Rainbow Glaze OrbsRainbow Glaze Orbs 55
Katana 6 Bloody KatanaBloody Katana 55
Katana 5 SaberSaber 55
Katana 5 Starburst KatanaStarburst Katana 55
Katana 6 Violent Thunder StormCrazed Thunder Storm 55
Katana 4 Abyss FountainEvil Blades - Dragon Fountain 55
Katana 3 Punishment BladePunishing Blade 58
Katana 10 Dragon CutDragon Cut 60
Katana 8 Season of DragonhuntingSeason of Dragonhunting 60
Katana 9 Sweeping of Dragon CurseSweeping of Dragon Curse 60
Katana 8 Dragonskin BladeDragonskin Blades 60
Katana 9 Blood Mark - Three Suns and MoonsBlood Mark - Three Suns and Moons 60
Katana 10 True Yaoh Blade - Tyrannical SlashTure Yaoh Blades - Tyrannical Slash 60
Katana 9 Katana of Xan HorrorKatana 60
Katana 10 Katana of Burning SunKatana 60



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