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  • Headed TowardsSpring Valley
  • Headed TowardsAutumnal Grove
  • Warehouse Keeper
  • Item Trader
  • GS Arms Officer
  • Arms Officer
  • Gatherer Jilawa
  • No. 1 Drill Sergeant
  • Item Trader Hank
  • Armor Trader
  • Shimu
  • Weapon Trader Assad
  • GS Medic
  • GS Medic
  • Armor Trader Yikan
  • Weapon Trader Fa'na'er
  • GS War Hero Balan
  • Item Trader Luer
  • Sageqi
  • Muli
  • Tenge'er
  • GS War Hero Amur
  • GS War Hero Sadi
  • Deja
  • Gatherer Gertai
  • GS Elder Annaer
  • Hailer
  • Gatherer Wurina
  • GS Elder Ina
  • Hardy


Autumnal Grove · Jade Forest · Spring Valley · Frost Forest · Ancient Desert
Barrenlands · Sandy Valley · Wind Chime Ridge · Holy Kirin Lake · Sunset Ridge
Ice Crystal Snowfield · Bluemoon Forest · Silver Blood Loch · Skyfire Volcano
Red Lotus Region · Danxia Woods

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