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Warm and dazzling like its namesake, the summer like Jade Forest gleams like polished jade.

But strange mutations have been reported to the south in Bone Spider Forest. It seems to be related to a sneak attack by the Northern Alliance. The Priests guarding Summer Glade Altar are now trying to figure out what happened and have requested aid from their ally, the Glorious Shield.

Summer Glade Altar also holds magical energy accumulated from the forest. Its Guardian Priests have certain ways to activate the tribal Spirit Forms. They hope that the brave soldiers from the Glorious Shield will come here to activate those forms.


  • Brakenville
  • The Spider Nest
  • Summer Glade Altar
  • Scarlet Sand Shores
  • Enemy Camp


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Jade Forest

Autumnal Grove · Jade Forest · Spring Valley · Frost Forest · Ancient Desert
Barrenlands · Sandy Valley · Wind Chime Ridge · Holy Kirin Lake · Sunset Ridge
Ice Crystal Snowfield · Bluemoon Forest · Silver Blood Loch · Skyfire Volcano
Red Lotus Region · Danxia Woods

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