Located inside Green Spirit House in the southeast of Spring Valley, the Glade of Sproutax is an Ancient Ruins in Forest Kingdom. For hundreds of years, the elements inside the Ruins have kept the natural balance between Forest Kingdom and Spring Valley.

The interior of the Ruins are fancy and amazing, covered with a sea of cherry blossoms, hills and flowing water. Though it's a remote place in Spring Valley, it is pleasurable to travel here in peacetime.

However, recently an unknown person in black has actively investigated the location of these Ruins, though his identity and intention are not clear.

Glade of Sproutax is a 2 person instance.


Icon GD ST Lvl HP Star Type Behavior
Icon 022 Sproutax ShroomSprouty Shroom 16 10,192 ☆☆ Instance Monster Other
Icon 059 Spirit Bird FuryFury Bird 17 44,016 ☆☆ Instance Elite Aggressive
Icon 034 BakaBaka 18 177,624 Instance Boss Other
Icon 040 Sakura PigSakura Pig 18 11,842 ☆☆ Instance Monster Other
Icon 040 Wild Sakura PigWild Sakura Pig 18 11,842 ☆☆ Instance Monster Other
Icon 031 Form ElementalForm Elemental 19 25,404 Instance Elite Aggressive
Icon 070 LawanaerLawanaer 19 190,524 Instance Boss Other


Glade of Sproutax · Smoke Forest · Running Sand Garden · Sand Spirit Grounds ·

Assembly Grounds · Spirit Pagoda · Dancing White Beasts Den ·
Spirit of the Snow Crystal · The Fall of Heroes · City of Crime Fire · Hall of Scholars · Misty Sage Home · The Weeping Spirit · Cave of the Flame Demon

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