Ghost Rokela
Level   31
Hp   49,554
Exp   906 xp
Type   Elite
Behavior   Aggressive
Area   Barrenlands (533,118)
Star   ☆

Drop ListEdit


Barrenlands Monsters
Rare Big Earth Beast
Elite Giant Arm BearKaiDestroyer HuluOil Baron AodeKailikeHushaliaFrontier SoldierGhost RokelaJierwaUndead MierRofuyaMummy SweeperDevil Yagebu1000 Horn BeastMuddled Skeleton
General Spined JellyOil Well ImpIron Mask ImpArmored BearSpikey JellyRock Sand SpiritMercenaryHard Sand SpiritBug Tribe ScoutAncient UndeadShock TrooperViolent SoldierRoaming DemonSilent UndeadRobed Demon

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