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Level Source
Gem 13 Light-Swallowing Black JadeLight-Swallowing Jade 30
Gem 12 Deep AgateDeep Agate 35
Gem 11 Rainbow Canceling CrystalRainbow-Swallowing Crystal 30
Gem 10 Oasis EmeraldOasis Emerald 35
Gem 9 Orb of OceanOrb of Ocean 34
Gem 8 Shining GemShining Gem 55
Gem 7 Pitch-black DiamondPitch-black Diamond 55
Gem 6 Rainbow SealRainbow Seal 50
Gem 5 Etoile StoneEtoile Stone 60
Gem 4 KallaiteKallaite 40
Gem 3 Colorful White EggColorful White Egg 45
Gem 2 Bloody EssenceBloody Essence 45
Gem 1 Amber of Ancient BeastAmber of Ancient Beast 40


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