Firelight Tamo
Level   39
Hp   69,394
Exp   1,387 xp
Type   Elite
Behavior   Aggressive
Area   Holy Kirin Lake
Star   ☆

Drop ListEdit


Holy Kirin Lake Monsters
Rare Hammer Bear
Elite Blood MagiLightDragonfly KingFirelight TamoCollapserAlterationSwirling PikelaMutant WolfWeiersiPuyojinYin Fire PaerkaLittle VagrantLizard RobberRoyaFrenzy RomasMusiaYikulaEvil Sleek FishHunter Vulture
General Ancient TurtleToothy DragonflyFurry DragonflyWarriorNightmare LightLight DevilAbyssflameSleek FishHorned CrabFireFog WolfTaierShock TrooperDetectiveDuelistFierce WolfGhost Robber

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