According to the oldest tales of the Lunar Fox Tribes, a natural disaster once devastated the Ice Crystal Snowfield in ancient times, bringing plague to all creatures at that time and causing them to die out.

When the Snow Dragon was running amuck, a hero transformed from the HeavenlyFox rose from the Lunar Fox Tribes. He used up all his power to seal the devastating Magic Dragon Snow Dragon before he died. It's said that the Sealing spell changed to white flying snow crystals in the air. The Dancing White is named after this legend.

The body of the Magic Dragon changed into a huge dragon bone hovering over its den. The DevilFlower Tribe was haunted, and lots of Rubies appeared in Ice Crystal Snowfield, which permeated The Dancing White Beasts Den profoundly. As the oldest tales suggest, it implies the revival of the Fading Snow Dragon.

Dancing White Beasts Den is a 3 person instance.


Icon GD ST Lvl HP Star Type Behavior
Icon 046 Giant Nest BeastGiant Nest Beast 46 89,446 Instance Elite Other
Icon 036 Nest ScorpionNest Scorpion 46 44,722 ☆☆ Instance Monster Other
Icon 052 Spiked JellySpiked Jelly Fish 47 185,058 ☆☆ Instance Elite Aggressive
Icon 031 Guard SpiritGuard Spirit 48 717,532 Instance Boss Other
Icon 007 ShadowmageShadowmage 48 47,836 ☆☆ Instance Monster Other
Icon 042 Frozen BeastFrozen Beast 49 741,540 Instance Boss Other
Icon 026 Dragon AttendantDragon Attendant 49 741,540 Instance Boss Other


Glade of Sproutax · Smoke Forest · Running Sand Garden · Sand Spirit Grounds ·

Assembly Grounds · Spirit Pagoda · Dancing White Beasts Den ·
Spirit of the Snow Crystal · The Fall of Heroes · City of Crime Fire · Hall of Scholars · Misty Sage Home · The Weeping Spirit · Cave of the Flame Demon

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