Fur 7
Crystal Hard Leather


Drop Quest Box
Prestige Buy Production

Can be used to recast Lv. 50 weapons.

An animal skin which has countless crystals on it. It can be used to manufacture a piece of incredible armor.


Hard Animal Scale · Variated Pelt · Sharp Animal Fur · Whole Animal Skin
Smooth Animal Skin · Thin Feathers · Heavy Leather Armor · Short Fat Tail
Sharp Tooth of Beast ·Soft Leather · Ghost Fragments · Sharp Scale
Beast Fragments · Colorful Leather · Thick Claw of Monster · Smooth Leather
Crystal Hard Leather · Shining Fin · Demon Powder · Thorn of Heard Leather
Hot Blood Clot · Alloy Beast Horn · Glimmer Lightleather · Fur of The Abyss
Scale Leather · Colorful Skin · Ash of Flame · Powder of Moma

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