Cool Octopus
Icon 069
Type Life
Attack Fire Attacks
Wind 23% Fire 56% Lightning 36% Ice 2% Shadow 33%

Battle SkillsEdit

Skill Name
Skill 060 Blowing Claw
Deals Fire Damage on and add lots of threat to the target.
Skill 112 Follow-up
Pet's natural gift. Each time it attacks a target. It has 30% chance of dealing a Double Hit.
Skill 062 Flameburn Blow
Deals Fire Damage on the target and decreases the target's Defense by 20%. Lasts 6 seconds.

Merge SkillsEdit

Skill Name
Skill 105 Durable Defense
After you combine with your pet your max HP will be increased by 5%.
Skill 076 Nimble Soul
After you combine with your pet your Magic Speed will be increased by 10%.
Skill 111 Pure Genius
After you combine with your pet your Wisdom Bonus will be increased by5%.

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