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City of Crime Fire, the relics to the northwest of Red Lotus Region, used to be a flourishing city in the past. People there worshiped fire and lived peacefully with fire.

However, the city center was split by fire's massive power after the volcano exploded. Tons of lava burst forth the earth. Most of the city was destroyed by fire and black lava. Hence, the city became wasted. However, the power of fire still remained. That's why the city became a relics later.

For the sake of the seal which was broken by a man in black clothes, Ruins Guard Sawa asked warriors from Glorious Shield to enter City of Crime Fire and find that man. Defeat the monsters he summons and stop his action. Save the relics before it is destroyed.

City of Crime Fire is a 5 person instance.


Icon GD ST Lvl HP Star Type Behavior
Icon 135 Burning EmissaryBurning Emissary 58 163,117 ☆☆☆ Instance Monster Other
Icon 060 Demon BindingsEvil Binder 58 163,117 ☆☆☆ Instance Monster Other
Icon 132 Magic Sword ImpMagic Sword Imp 59 268,682 ☆☆ Instance Elite Other
Icon 132 Ugly ImpUgly Imp 59 268,682 ☆☆ Instance Elite Other
Icon 025 Evil HornEvil Horn 59 2,686,820 ☆☆ Instance Boss Other
Icon 135 Petrified EvilPetrified Evil 60 691,299 ☆☆☆ Instance Elite Aggressive
Icon 056 Weird BirdWeird Bird 60 2,765,194 ☆☆ Instance Boss Other
Icon 021 Rock Jellyfish LordRock Jellyfish Lord 60 2,073,896 ☆☆ Instance Boss Other
Icon 054 Hissing DemonHissing Demon 60 3,318,233 ☆☆ Instance Boss Other
Icon 052 Lava Jellyfish LordLava Jellyfish Lord 60 2,073,896 ☆☆ Instance Boss Other
Icon 040 Muji-MujiMuji-Muji 60 2,765,194 Instance Boss Other


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