It's the palace of the The City of Dark Secrets, the old Royal Capital of the Tribe of the Maned Dragon. After the royal family of the Tribe of the Maned Dragon were killed in the plague several centuries ago and had to move their Royal Capital, it was also abandoned. Just like the destiny of The The City of Dark Secrets, the Northern Alliances easily captured this magnificent palace.

The city was divided into several parts by its huge internal structure. The generals of the attacking the Northern Alliances retreated and gathered here after they were defeated. They were guarding inside the City and planned to resist the attack of Glorious Shield from here.

The Man in black, who had caused chaos across the country, appeared deep in the city. The warriors in Glorious Shield spared no effort to attack and were determined to disrupt the plans of the Northern Alliances.

Cave of the Flame Demon is a 5 person instance.


Icon GD ST Lvl HP Star Type Behavior
Example Bug EggBug Egg 58 1,000 General Other
Icon 137 CrawlerCrawler 58 163,116 ☆☆☆ Instance Monster Other
Icon 142 SorcererSorcerer 59 167,926 ☆☆☆ Instance Monster Other
Icon 141 Flame SquireFlame Squire 60 276,520 ☆☆ Instance Elite Other
Icon 019 Lizard BugLizard Bug 60 2,765,200 ☆☆☆ Instance Elite Other
Example Zaaras DuchessZaaras Duchess 60 138,260 ☆☆ Instance Elite Other
Icon 139 DillyDilly 60 2,765,194 ☆☆ Instance Boss Other
Icon 138 SavageSavage 61 284,502 ☆☆ Instance Elite Other
Example Chief JimmyVillage Chief Jimmy 61 284,504 ☆☆ Instance Boss Other
Icon 138 VictorVictor 61 2,845,026 ☆☆ Instance Boss Other
Icon 039 Ancient MonsterAncient Monster 62 731,586 ☆☆☆ Instance Elite Other
Icon 142 BasenaBasena 62 2,926,344 ☆☆ Instance Boss Other
Icon 058 Fury DragonFury Dragon 63 752,296 ☆☆☆ Instance Elite Other
Icon 139 Bug King GergazBug King Gergaz 63 3,009,178 ☆☆ Instance Boss Other
Icon 114 Man in BlackMan in Black 65 4,769 ☆☆ Instance Boss Other
Icon 027 N Demon StarNorth Star Demon 65 4,451,328 ☆☆ Instance Boss Other


Glade of Sproutax · Smoke Forest · Running Sand Garden · Sand Spirit Grounds ·

Assembly Grounds · Spirit Pagoda · Dancing White Beasts Den ·
Spirit of the Snow Crystal · The Fall of Heroes · City of Crime Fire · Hall of Scholars · Misty Sage Home · The Weeping Spirit · Cave of the Flame Demon

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