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The Barrenlands have plenty of oil resources. People in Harvest Mice Tribes used to exploit a limited amount in the past, but when the Northern Alliance invaded, they exploited oil outrageously and caused Magic Creatures to rise in the north of the oil wells.

Amor, Village Chief of Barren Mouse Home, can't be found for some unknown reason. Many residents suspect that it must be related to the invasion of the Northern Alliances. But the truth is still to be discovered.

The Ruins to the south are also in crisis due to a conspiracy by Bug Tribes. If the Ancient Sigil Stones, full of energy, are captured by the Bug Tribes, the entire Desert will fall out of balance.


  • Barren Mouse Home
  • Deathly Still Sandsea
  • Black Dragon Oil Well
  • Ancient Ruins*Enemy Camp


Autumnal Grove · Jade Forest · Spring Valley · Frost Forest · Ancient Desert
Barrenlands · Sandy Valley · Wind Chime Ridge · Holy Kirin Lake · Sunset Ridge
Ice Crystal Snowfield · Bluemoon Forest · Silver Blood Loch · Skyfire Volcano
Red Lotus Region · Danxia Woods

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